Julia @jujumagic1 - Dancer / by daphne youree

Julia was the most incredible Les Mills body-pump instructor - a big reason is her dance knowledge. She taught us to really feel our bodies!!! Her true passion and talents are in her dancing. Beautiful dancer and beautiful woman ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️Here is her story: 

 "I think every human was born to dance in the most basic sense if the word; meaning we were born with the capability to process emotions and fire our neurons to manifest these elusive feelings into physical movement. 
Its science, its not a debate. We, as a species, move out of necessity the same way a bird or a whale or a lion does.
But unlike animals, humans have an added layer of emotion. 
We have an innate responsibility to physically manifest those emotions. Expressing our emotions through physical movement is just as necessary as flight is to a bird, leaping is to a whale, and sprinting is to a lion. 
Haven't you noticed some of your best workouts happen when you are especially emotional? Truly, physical fitness and mental health go far more hand-in-hand that I think a lot of people realize. If you are not taking the time to process your emotions, there's usually lack of physical movement as well. 
We see this all the time in gyms as trainers and group fitness instructors; those people who work out because they want to and work out because they have to. Those who work out because they want to are usually, in general, happier and more at peace with themselves. I think that the best Catalyst to achieve your ultimate physical fitness is better mental Fitness."