Alanna @Lanzie @soccergrlProbs ✖️Strength & Conditioning Coach | Trainer 📍Long Island, NY - Nike Ambassador / by daphne youree

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Here is Alanna @lanzie_from @soccergrlprobs incredibly inspiring journey.

"We as human beings can only control so much. But there’s this thing we all posses, called the power of one. And as small as it may be, I’m going to use mine to the most of my ability. I want to constantly make the world a better place if I can, and I truly believe the way I am meant to do that, is through the connection I establish with the kids that I train.
One of the most important lessons of survival that I’ve learned throughout life is: find healthy outlets. Sports and my college soccer team specifically was my outlet for everything in life. It was how I got through the death of my father, and one unfortunate event after another. I think every kid at some point in their life needs a place they can go to where they shut off all the bad things going on and focus on bettering themselves as an athlete and human being.
There's too much negative influence around us, too much societal pressure, too much criticism, too much focus placed on all the wrong things. Amongst all this negativity, what we often forget is that we all have the opportunity to be the best part of someone’s day and we don’t even realize it half of the time. As a Strength and Conditioning Coach, I want to make sure every athlete I interact with can walk out the door feeling better about themselves in some aspect. I could have a kid in class who hasn’t heard a single positive thing said to them the entire day; not from their parents, not from their teachers, not from other kids at school. So I will always make note of something positive, even if it's only something small and meaningless to the outside person. These repeated increments of self-confidence, whether small or big, can accumulate over time and change the way someone carries themselves through this life. You never know what happens outside the walls of the room you are in when you are interacting with someone; you don’t know what they go home to or other problems they are dealing with. But if I can take my power of one and use it make someone feel more comfortable and confident with themselves, then that’s exactly what I’m going to set to do."