Cristina - Miragem: Trains & Teaches Capoeira / by daphne youree

Cristina to me is one of the strongest women I know- inside and out - she inspires me and my children on a daily basis!!!! She is my rock. We gym together, sweat together and laugh together! I am so proud of her! Here is her story : 

"I was not born to play capoeira.
Capoeira did not come easily for me.
I wake every day for nearly 20 years and chip away at the beast.
I’m a woman
I’m old
I’m getting fat
I’m a mother of 2
I’m busy
I’m not Brazilian
I have my period
It all makes such an incredible case as to why I should not even think I can compete in this game.
Fuck that.
I NEVER do what I’m told.
I will succeed just to spite the haters, the naysayers, and especially the inner voice who has tried to talk me out of so many amazing things.
I AM a capoeirista.
I don’t look like any one you have seen before because I am the first me.
I am the only me.
I Love you for reading this
because you appreciate radical women like I do too."