Or @Orartzi - Fitness Trainer @equinox / by daphne youree


Or @orartzi is a fantastic trainer @equinox - strong and beautiful inside and out💪🏼💪🏼. I took one of her classes at Equinox and WOW it was hard and amazing. Her energy is big and her heart is even bigger!!!! Here is her journey:

"I am 30 years old, and have been working at Equinox for almost two years. I originally started as a personal trainer at Equinox Brooklyn Heights, did both training and group fitness for a time, and recently switched over to group fitness full-time. The classes I teach include Barre (which I am most known for), Athletic Conditioning, Bootcamp, Cycling and their latest signature format, Firestarter.

Dancing is my first love. I am a professional dancer and like many others, I came to NY to live the American dream. Having put in many years of training in Israel, my journey here started at the Broadway Dance Center. Two years ago, I began to work for Casa Brazilia, one of the biggest samba dance companies in NY. Through them, I performed in the Road to Rio tour with the US Olympic team, Radio City Music Hall (NBC Upfront), The Today Show, and more. However the biggest adventure of all was my role as a "passista" in the celebrated 2017 Rio Carnaval with the Império Serrano samba school.

Fitness is my passion as well. Like all Israelis, I got to serve my country for 4 years in the Israeli Air Force. As an officer, you learn that working out is not just something to do for fun. Being fit can have an impact on your work performance and in some cases, your life can depend on it. I'm excited to see what the future holds for me. I want to be able to reach to more people and help them achieve their fitness goals (or fill up an hour in their day with some positive energy). And that starts with me becoming the best trainer I can possibly be."