Bethany C. Meyers @bethanycmeyers - Trainer / by daphne youree

I met Bethany @bethanycmeyers during one of her classes. Her style and technique were amazing and so new to me. I honestly was floored by the whole experience. I basically begged her for a photo shoot and was thrilled that she agreed. We had such a fun time running through the the NYC subways..... Here is Bethany's story.  Also, check out this link to sign up for her January  be.come project:

  • "I’ve never considered myself a fitness instructor. Sure, on paper that’s what you would call me — but for me, what I do runs much deeper than just teaching classes. Don’t get me wrong, I love my classes. I love injecting knowledge and energy into people. I love that I can affect their mood, their presence, their stature. I love knowing I have the ability to make a difference. But my heart for this line of work runs much deeper. 
    When a client comes to see me, they think they are visiting my world to flatten their abs and trim their thighs. I often wonder, if someone doesn’t see results in a matter of one session - hell, even five sessions - if they don’t suddenly have a six pack and twig legs, why do they keep coming back? After all they didn’t technically get what they signed up for. 
    What they don’t know is they are actually coming to me to feel. I’m not just talking about feeling muscles, I’m talking about feeling accomplished, strong, confident, capable. That is my job. I create an emotional awakening. So, while they may think they see me weekly to get fit, I know they see me weekly to get their fix. 
    Once I understood this, my entire approach around my brand changed. I knew that what I had to share moved way beyond the body and landed in the soul. It became important to share other aspects of life. I began to talk about my past eating disorders, the importance of feminism, how modifications are not a symbol of weakness, my sexuality and the political landscape that we live in. To me, all of these are just as important as teaching the correct way to do a lunge. 
    My workout - the be.come project - is now moving to an at-home version and I couldn’t be happier knowing that soon I’ll be able to evoke this emotion into people all over the world. What started as routines in a studio will now be accessed by a much broader audience. The backbone of this business has and will always be about the person who wants more out of their movements. The people who want to feel, the people who want to express. The people who will soon see that exercise is so much more than what they ever imagined."