SoccerGrlProbs @SoccerGrlProbs - Empowering #Ladyballers / by daphne youree

I headed to Roosevelt Island to meet up with @soccergrlprobs  Alanna @lanzie_  Shannon @ladyfayy  Carly @carlybeyar to take some 📷 !!!! It felt like 100 degrees! We all had sweat pouring down our faces! Felt like the hottest day of the summer. They were so amazing and got through the shoot with such positive energy! My boys who are huge soccer fans came along. They were so psyched to meet these awesome women. These women have influenced so many young girls around the world, keep up the great work!!!!

"We are three former Division-1 soccer players and teammates who have made it our mission to empower and inspire the idea of a strong, positive, confident female athlete who is comfortable in her own skin. Being female athletes our whole lives, we have felt and experienced the societal pressures placed on females in today's world. Females have been made afraid to be "too strong", or "not pretty enough", or "too rough", or "not skinny enough". It's time for all the stigmas to end. It has taken us each some time, but we've learned what it feels like to be confident and comfortable with ourselves; to have a strong inner foundation that doesn't care to be different and to be proud. This is what we want to share with the world. We want to empower young girls who are growing up playing sports like we once did. We make an honest effort every single day to embrace our problems, laugh at ourselves daily, and be proud of what makes us female athletes. And through doing this, and being as genuine and real as we possibly can be, we hope to lead the way through @SoccerGrlProbs, for others to do the same. Never hide what makes you stand out in the world."